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A Kirby Komic

Warning: Definitely contains spoilers

Comics 1-11
The story begins. Kirby is an idiot and enters the comic, along with MetaKnight2716 (or Meta) who is the creator of this series. As the creator, he has control of the comic, such as the abilities to create characters and objects. A portal randomly appears and the Great Flame Kirby (or GFK) appears. Meta traps GFK in the second post, which is a dimension of infinite amount of nothingness created by Meta. Kirby then realized that there is no background and Meta attempts to make one. Since Meta is just a beginner, he has trouble and asks Kirby to stall.

Comics 12-37
Kirby recalls the story of Kirby’s Dream Land. In it, Dedede steals all the food and Kirby tries to get it back. When he reaches Dedede, he beats him and he lands in the second post. After that, he returns the food to the people.

Comics 38-91
After the story ends, Meta creates a completely new simple background and house. As it approaches the 50th comic, the Squeak Squad arrives for the 50th comic party. Even Link, who is Meta’s friend and ex-comic partner, joins in along with new character Adeleine. After the party, Adeleine draws an ice dragon which causes the place to snow. Because of all the snow, the barrier between it and the second post has gotten frozen. Using his fire powers, GFK burns through it and escapes. He finds a Waddle Dee when he escapes. GFK decides to come up with a backup plan in case his current one fails. He goes to the ice dragon and defeats him using a fire tornado. Adeleine challenges GFK, knowing he is the antagonist of the series. However, GFK defeats her and she runs to Meta for help. Meta challenges GFK, and GFK reveals that he had a secret weapon with him since before he arrived at the comic. He reveals that he previously had taken Link’s sword! They then battle each other and GFK loses. Meta returns GFK to the second post.

Comics 92-197
With GFK defeated, Waddle Dee proceeds with the backup plan. He heads through all of the Kirby’s Adventure stages and arrives at the Fountain of Dreams and frees someone from it. Later, back in Meta’s house, Adeleine dresses up as Kirby and attempts to fool everyone. When trying to fool Meta, he reveals himself to really be Nightmare possessing Adeleine! …dressed up as Kirby. Nightmare sends Meta to the dream world where Meta has to go through the entire Kirby’s Adventure game all over again. He then possesses Kirby and brings him there as well. While both are missing, Nightmare possesses Meta and, using his creator powers, opens up the second post to bring GFK out. Using Meta’s powers, GFK messes around with the comic as Meta and Kirby proceed through the game. After Meta and Kirby defeat Dream World Dedede, they both wake up and Nightmare and GFK flee to the moon. On the moon, Kirby and Nightmare do battle as GFK reveals that he actually never completely had the power to destroy the comic. When Meta tries to send GFK to the second post, Nightmare defends him and gets sent there instead. As GFK escapes, Kirby finds a bomb and part of the moon explodes while he and Meta safely escape.

Comics 198-305
Meta reveals his biggest secret during the 200th comic party, that he actually has tails! Meanwhile, back at GFK’s home, his younger brother starts to grow impatient. His name is the Great Ice Kirby (or GIK for short). He develops a plan to destroy the comic since GFK is taking too long. He sends Dorocche (evil alternate dimension version of Daroach) to Meta’s comic. Since Meta is obsessed with Tails, he is able to trick him by using a cardboard cutout of him. With Meta distracted by the cutout, he was able to take Meta’s prized Tails plushie and run off with it into a different dimension. Meta and Kirby follow, travelling from dimension to dimension. Among the dimensions they visit are a 3D dimension, Link’s dimension, another comic series dimension, and dimension 6172. Meanwhile, GIK has entered Meta’s comic world and is freezing it to destroy it. In dimension 6172, there’s a Meta that instead likes Sonic and has Sonic spikes instead of Tails’ tails (MK6172) and a Kirby who is actually smart (Alternate Dimension Kirby or AD Kirby for short). AD Kirby gives them the coordinates to the place where Dorocche is hiding. They arrive in a comic world that is just beginning. The creator of this comic, MS Paint Kirby, becomes angry with them that his world has just started and it’s already messed up. Dorocche then arrives and destroys the newly created background. When Meta recovers his plushie, he realizes that it was all a decoy and returns home with MS Paint Kirby following. However, he is tricked yet again with another cardboard cutout. But this time, he is flattened at the end of it. Realizing he can take advantage of this to cause him pain, MS Paint Kirby stretches the flattened Meta into a nice trampoline for Kirby to jump on. In the middle of all this chaos, GFK escapes and encounters GIK. Meanwhile, in Dimension 6172, a similar adventure occurs with someone stealing MK6172’s plushie. However, their comic ends up being destroyed in the end. They go to Meta’s dimension in hopes of finding a new home, to find the place totally frozen. Meta’s friend Nera arrives, and with his help, puts GFK and GIK into the second post. Nera calls Tails over and he inflates Meta.

All material except that already © Nintendo Co., Ltd and HAL Laboratory, Inc., © MetaKnight2716/SpecstheFox, 2007-2012. All sprites taken from The Spriters Resource, Forbic, Fireshock, or their respective spriter. All guest star appearances belong to their respective spriter. This sprite comic is made for fun only, and is not here for profit.


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