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A Kirby Komic

Warning: Some bios may or may not contain spoilers.


More commonly known as Meta, he's the creator of this comic series. He's the alternate dimension version of Meta Knight from Dimension 2716. He's very innocent and forgetful and absolutely obsessed with Tails the Fox. He is very gullible and this leads him to get flattened all the time (though he'll feel lots of pain), but since he's a boneless Kirby, he can be smashed flat without dying. Since he's the creator of this series, he has the power to make whatever he wants, but he's very weak, so he needs the power of his sword, the Galaxia, to help him.


This Kirby lives in the A Kirby Komic Dimension. He's a complete moron pretty much all the time. He obsesses over cookies and his dream in life is to create his cookie tree.

Gim and Kirby (From the Future)

Gim is a robot built by Kirby from the future. Future Kirby sent Gim back in time to test a time machine and to help the cast from the present. He also left prerecorded holograms to communicate with those in the present. Since he's from the future, he already knows what the reactions are, so that he can reply to it. According to Gim, Present Kirby will suffer an astigmatism from the KatAM arc, and that's the reason why he's wearing glasses in the hologram. Apparently, Present Kirby will become smart in the future.

More coming soon...

All material except that already © Nintendo Co., Ltd and HAL Laboratory, Inc., © MetaKnight2716/SpecstheFox, 2007-2012. All sprites taken from The Spriters Resource, Forbic, Fireshock, or their respective spriter. All guest star appearances belong to their respective spriter. This sprite comic is made for fun only, and is not here for profit.


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